3 Reasons Why

If you haven’t seen my resume, please review that first.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider me for a marketing position:

1.) A passion for learning (and using new skills).

Marketing changes at such a fast pace (especially because of the internet and social media). In this quickly-changing environment, you need someone who can research new ways to reach your customers. At my recent job, I learned (and put into practice) things like new social media platforms and techniques, email marketing, how to edit and create content for a WordPress blog, and even used Google Analytics to do reporting. I researched and participated in an industry that I didn’t know much about when I started (transparency and technology in government). I dove in and got involved in the online community surrounding those topics (for example, sending news/links to other bloggers and interacting with them on social media such as Twitter and a social network geared toward government). I promoted them on our product’s blog (because after all, who cares if you only talk about yourself all the time). I hope to use the knowledge gained from those experiences to benefit my future employer.

2.) Creativity/brainstorming.

In the creative world that is marketing and social media, I love to brainstorm on how things can be improved and develop creative ways to reach the audience. When my previous employer was looking into doing social media marketing, I researched it and brainstormed ways we could use social media to further our marketing efforts. I basically managed our product’s WordPress blog - finding content to talk about, writing posts for it, and promoting it (even making some very basic HTML and graphic design edits for it) and the product’s Twitter. I also ventured out and did some guest-blogging (see examples here and here). I plan to be just as creative and resourceful at my next employer!

3.) Customer service experience.

Not only do I have experience in marketing, I also spent part of my time answering customer questions over the phone and through email. Customer service experience in a “help-desk” type of environment is handy for marketing in (at least) two ways: experience dealing with end-customers via phone/email and managing multiple issues at one time.

So what?

Sound like someone that your company could benefit from having on board? Send me an email - justin@justinmosebach.com (to find my phone number, please visit my contact page).

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